Cincinnati Digital Academy offers students a rigorous and college- preparatory curriculum delivered to any Internet-connected computer. Highly qualified teachers and administrators are dedicated to each student’s success, and, with 24-hour access to online courses, class schedules can be structured around individual needs.

High school students at the Digital Academy follow the APEX Learning program curriculum. Elementary students follow the Odyssey Compass Learning curriculum.

Cincinnati Digital Academy provides tools for success:

  • Free, high-quality desktop computers, with Internet access (for in-district students only), and technical support
  • Online access to textbooks, science labs and other supplemental materials
  • French and Spanish foreign-language courses
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • An array of fine arts and elective courses
  • Access key for parents to monitor assignments, students' progress and upcoming activities
  • Field trips, special events and other enrichment opportunities
  • Opportunities to take the ACT college-entrance test for free
  • Access to sports teams at some CPS high schools


  • Students must complete the equivalent of 25 hours of instruction each week.


  • Any student in grades K-12 living in Ohio may enroll in the Cincinnati Digital Academy.
  • Students living outside the boundaries of Cincinnati Public Schools may enroll tuition-free under CPS’ Open Enrollment policy. Applications for Open Enrollment are accepted online April 1-30, 2016.

The program is ideal for: 

— Students who are home schooled
— Students who are traveling or who have scheduling conflicts
— Students who have children or full-time jobs 
— Students who thrive best outside traditional classrooms
— Students who are looking for an accelerated learning process


  • Students communicate with teachers by phone, e-mail or in person, and during enrichment and social activities.


  • Ohio requires students in grades 10-12 in public schools to take the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT), until all parts are passed, to earn a high school diploma. Digital Academy students take the OGT in person at the Digital Academy’s offices, 425 Ezzard Charles Drive (45203).

Extracurricular Activities

Students in grades 7-12 may select from activities offered at some of CPS' other high schools — including sports, enrichment and activities that help bring lessions to life.

Interesting Facts

  • Founded August 2011.
  • CPS provides Internet access and computers to Digital Academy families who need it. (Students accepted into the Digital Academy under Open Enrollment will receive free computer hardware but must provide their own Internet access.)
  • Graduates of Cincinnati Digital Academy receive diplomas from Cincinnati Public Schools through its Virtual High School.

Cincinnati Public Schools' new online program for grades K-12

Not all students thrive in a traditional classroom. For some, the distrations can be overwhelming. For others, the pace is simply too fast, too slow or too rigid. Some students require more flexiblity because they are working, raising childrin or are involoved in other activities.

Cincinnati Digital Academy was tailor-made for students for students in grades K-12 who need a more individualized approach to education and who thrive when they can work at their own pace. Students have 24-hour access to ur curriculum and can structure their classes to meet their individual needs.

Students work from home at their own pace. Since students have 24 hour access to the curriculumit is possible for them to graduate sooner than student at a traditional high school. Teachers are available via email, phone, text or in person. Students can communicate with their teachers outside of the regular school day.

Each student is provided with a computer at no cost, on loan for the duration of their enrollment at Cincinnati Digital Academy. Cincinnati Public Schools provides technical support for loaned computers and will provide Internet access to families wo need service.

We'll provide all the tools students need for success:


  • Free, high-quality desktop computer with Internet access and technical support

  • Access key for parents to monitor assignments, progress and upcoming activities

  • Access to online textbooks, science labs and other supplemental materials

  • Quarterly report cards mailed to each student’s home

  • French and Spanish foreign language courses

  • Field trips, special events and other enrichment opportunities

  • An array of fine arts and elective courses

  • Easy access to transcripts

  • Advanced Placement courses
  • Opportunity to take the ACT college entrance test for free