Cincinnati Digital Academy (CDA) Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions concerning CDA.

Will CDA offer foreign language, including Latin for students who attend Walnut Hills High School?

Yes, a variety of languages are offered. 

How do I enroll my child at CDA?

Families can register using our Online Student Registration call (513) 363-2040.

Will teachers provide face-to-face instruction with students? 

Students will have opportunities to access daily teacher "office hours" in a virtual face-to-face setting and can request one on one sessions with teachers as needed. Teachers will also provide peer to peer collaboration opportunities for students.

What does a typical day look like for my child?

Students log into the account and access their classes. A daily schedule is provided with assignments for students to complete. Student work is self directed with access to teachers in a variety of modalities to answer questions or get help on assignments. Students can access the curriculum 24/7 but it is highly recommended that families establish a daily schedule and work space for their student(s). Elementary students can expect more teacher directed interactions than high school students. 

Can my spot be guaranteed in a magnet school once enrolled in CDA and return at the end of a quarter?

Yes. Students enrolled in CDA will have their spot held for them at their magnet program as long as they were previously enrolled/accepted. Students can transfer out of CDA and into their accepted magnet program at the end of each quarter.

What happens if I dislike the program and want to take the child out before the semester is over?

Student transfer opportunities will take place at the end of each quarter.

How will special education services be provided for my child?

All special education needs will be met in accordance with a student's IEP or 504 plan. For specific questions, reach out to the department of student services at (513) 363-0357.

What is the starting date of school and time? 

Students at all Cincinnati Public Schools begin August 24, 2020. Cincinnati Digital Academy's school day runs from 8 a.m.–3 p.m. Curriculum can be accessed for all grade levels and content areas 24/7 via the Schoology platform. Teachers are flexible with responding to student questions in the evening and can be reached out to at any time. Teachers will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

What is the last day to enroll in CDA?

Students can enroll in CDA at any time before the start of school. Once the school year starts, students can transfer at the end of each quarter.

If a child plays sports at their previous school are they allowed to continue to play? 

Students who attend CDA (as long as they are enrolled full time and academically eligible) can compete in athletics at the school that is closest to their home residence, unless they already competed in athletics in high school at another CPS school, then they would be assigned back to that school.