At Cincinnati Digital Academy (CDA), we are so much more than an online school — we are a learning community. We have assembled a highly skilled team of educators that excels at meeting the diverse needs of our students. Many of our staff members have been with CDA from its start! No matter their backgrounds or years of experience, all of our teachers share one driving passion: To help our students chart a course for their future. Learn what our teachers and support staff have to say about our school and why they are inspired to help our students succeed — and thrive.

David Price (Social Studies) 

Connie Dick (K-3) — "I get to show kids how much fun learning can be, and that sounds like the most awesome job out there to me!"

Mary Ann Ellis (High School English and College and Career) — "I saw how CDA teachers were meeting the needs of a diverse group of students in so many ways, and I wanted to be a part of that."

Beverly Pryor-Young (Science) 

Tracey Lewis (Intervention Specialist) — "I am motivated by working with students and their families, and by the success and progress that my students achieve."

Kim Miller-Burke (Math and Science) — "I went in to teaching because I wanted to share my passion for mathematics and science."

Marc Rozier (Technology Coordinator) — "CDA is more than a typical online school. We are local and able to meet with students face-to-face if needed."

Deron Saylor (Language Arts and Social Studies, grades 4-8) — "I enjoy seeing struggling students achieve success and thrive."

Mary Beth Shannon (K-3) — "[The CDA] program allows for children to be successful in school while working at their own pace."

Theresa Wessel (Math) — "My colleagues are an amazing group of educators.  We all have the same desire to help our students succeed."