K-8 Curriculum

Cincinnati Digital Academy's (CDA) accredited online elementary school curriculum uses Compass Learning Odyssey to provide standards-aligned courses. The engaging lessons and activities are built upon current, proven research about the way students learn.

Compass Learning Odyssey features:

  • Pretests to determine needs and pinpoint skill gaps for each student
  • Automatically generated individualized learning paths
  • Engaging, rigorous instruction delivered through video, audio, animation and interactive writing tools
  • Reporting functions to generate reliable data for instructional decision making

More information can be found on the Compass Learning website and on the CDA wiki page.

Helpful Hints for CDA Students

  • Create your own weekly schedule.
  • Taking notes is required. Notes will help you remember.
  • Check your progress daily.
  • Contact your teacher, technology coordinator or school office for assistance. 
  • Schedule an appointment with your teacher or technology coordinator for additional assistance.