Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Primary Phone Email
Conley, Pamela Counselor 363-2091 email staff
Davis, Melingqua Attendance Support Specialist 363-2089 email staff
Fax, Number 363-2099
Johnson, Kameron Social Worker 363-2089 email staff
Klusmeyer, Raelyn Counselor 363-2071 email staff
Sweeney, Kelly School Psychologist 363-2096 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Primary Phone Website Email
Barker, Anthony Second A-L email staff
Beumer, Andy Intervention Specialist 7 638-8700 email staff
Black, Latosha Second M-Z 344-8180 email staff
Bray, Adam Health and Physical Education 7-12 485-0428 email staff
Buescher, Josh Intervention Specialist 6-7 487-9374
Cohen, Matt Third A-L 344-2234 email staff
Cook, Brooke Intervention Specialist MD 7-12 417-9961 email staff
Dick, Connie Fifth A-L 371-6882 email staff
Ellis, Mary Ann English 7-12 319-2700 email staff
Fontanella, DeAnn Intervention Specialist K-3 288-2332 email staff
Halkiu, Caitlin Math 7-12 560-1255 email staff
Hampton, Emily Intervention Specialist MD K-6 628-7768 email staff
Harold, Charlotte Intervention Specialist 4-5 546-5681 email staff
Howard, Keith Third M-Z 485-8030 email staff
Lewis, Tracey Intervention Specialist 8 913-2473 email staff
McCray, Schuyler Fourth M-Z email staff
Miller-Burke, Kim Math and Science 6-8 349-2708 email staff
Powers, Connie K-3 363-2097
Price, David Social Studies 7-12 344-4039 email staff
Price, Krista Intervention Specialist 10-11 680-3511 email staff
Pryor-Young, Beverly Science 7-12 560-0211 email staff
Richardson, Stephen Intervention Specialist 9 592-0052 email staff
Rozier, Marc Tech. Coordinator/Digital 363-2076
Saylor, Deron ELA and Social Studies 6-8 417-0240 email staff
Shannon, Mary Beth First A-L 418-8808 email staff
Smith-Monahan, Connie English and German 7-12 and 9-10 485-8502 email staff
Sterling, Kristen Fourth A-L 319-0651 email staff
Tatum, Armand Fifth M-Z 374-1361 email staff
Todd, Kimberly Kindergarten M-Z 557-8332 email staff
Vanover, Lori First M-Z 429-0028 email staff
Wessel, Theresa Math 7-12 418-3280 email staff
White, Rasheeda Intervention Specialist 11-12 410-0621 email staff
White, Rasheeda Intervention Specialist 9-12 email staff
Williams, Joy Kindergarten A-L 546-7420 email staff