Cincinnati Public Schools Implementing Alianna's Law

April 26, 2019

Effective April 5, the State of Ohio requires all public schools to attempt to contact within 120 minutes of the start of the school day the parent, guardian or caretaker of a student who is absent from school without legitimate excuse. State law already requires elementary schools to enter attendance each morning, and high schools to enter attendance at every bell.

To comply with this law, Cincinnati Public Schools is requiring all schools to send notification via PowerSchool to parents of students who are absent or tardy without an excuse no later than 90 minutes from the start of the schools’ respective school day.

What the call will sound like:

“Hello, this is a message from the attendance office at <<School Name>>, calling to inform you that your student, <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>, was absent or tardy today, <<Date>>. Please contact the attendance office of your student’s school at, <<Phone Number>>, to clear the absence, or send a signed note upon returning to school. If you have already contacted the school office, you can disregard this message. If you would like to hear this message again, please press the star key. Thank you.”

According to Ohio Department of Education’s interpretation of the statute, this does not apply to students participating in off-campus activities, including the College Credit Plus program. It also does not apply to those receiving home-based, online, or Internet- or computer-based instruction.

Parents should download and utilize the PowerSchool app on their smart phone or login via the website to track their students' academic progress in addition to receiving vital attendance updates. Users can customize their app notifications.

An analysis of House Bill 66 can be found here.

The law, referred to as Alianna's Law, was introduced as a result of the disappearance and death in January 2017 of 14-year-old Alianna DeFreeze of Cleveland. She was abducted while on her way to school. The DeFreeze family says the school didn’t notified them after the girl failed to report to class.