CPS Statement: Brown v. Board of Education

May 17, 2019

The statement below can be attributed to Superintendent Laura Mitchell:

As the country marks the 65th anniversary of the landmark decision Brown v. Board of Education, we honor our diversity and commit ourselves to ensuring equity for all students through inclusive educational opportunities.

We demonstrate our commitment to inclusion by delivering all students access to five-star quality preschools, ensuring that neighborhood schools and magnet schools unique in focus but alike in quality, investing in high schools that are academically rigorous, and through offering engaging extra-curricular activities, and excite students to pursue their dreams.

In 2016, the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education approved a groundbreaking District Equity Policy, designed to ensure that CPS fully embraces the value of diversity in its operations while eliminating practices that perpetuate disparities among students and schools.

Today is a poignant reminder of how far we’ve come in this community and throughout the country, and how much work we must commit to accomplish.