Hundreds Come to Apply at Cincinnati Public Schools' Job Fair

July 29, 2019

By Richard Chiles, WLWT

Hundreds of hopefuls are answering the call to inspire and support the next generation.

"They're looking for someone to look up to," said Shannon Sandoval, a substitute teacher applicant. "They're looking for someone to give them some kind of direction of where to go and some kind of hope, and that's what I'm looking forward to."

Even though school will not reopen for another month, these applicants hope they will stand at the head of the class as teachers and support personnel for Cincinnati Public Schools.

"We are very excited. We want the best for our students," said Eric Rozier, a CPS principal. "So, we are looking at candidates that are energetic who want to come to work for Cincinnati Public Schools."

With the district seeing a 5,000 student increase, CPS graduates such as Sidney Davis are signing up to come home and teach the next generation of students.

"I really want to give back, and now I feel it's important for me to do such a thing and it's cool because I was a part of CPS and now I get to do it," Davis said.

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