Silverton Paideia is Building the Next Generation of Digital Leaders

September 18, 2018

Students, parents, staff and community partners came together had something to celebrate at the beginning of the school year: the new Silverton Paideia Digital Leadership Academy. Filled with joy and excitement, students performed for guests at a special assembly that celebrated the new Vision 2020 program.

Silverton Paideia is one of six schools launching a new specialized program for the 2018-19 academic year through CPS’ Vision 2020: My Tomorrow initiative. The school is now a Digital Leadership Academy, which teaches students the importance and practice of responsible technology use so they can be leaders in the digital era.

“We can help our students be as successful as possible with the addition of technology to strong leadership programming,” said Kristin Grote, Silverton Paideia’s new principal for 2018-19.

The leadership academy in place at the school is “The Leader in Me” program, based on Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” The digital component provides laptops for students in grades 2-6 and iPads for students in kindergarten and first grade. 

At the assembly, student leaders Kevin and Jillian shared what being a digital leader means to them.

“A digital leader is someone who knows how to help others using technology,” shared Kevin. “When you face a problem, you’re not afraid to solve it.”

Jillian added, “being a digital leader will help me with my career goals in the future; I’m interested in a computer programming career.”

The school will also have leader and tech clubs available for students, including Girls Who Code, Men Organized Respectful and Educated (M.O.R.E.), Drop Everything and Lead (DEAL) and Women of WISE. 

After the all-school assembly, guests experienced the new technology first-hand and shared ideas to drive planning and implementation processes for students. Student helpers sat at each table and showed parents, staff and community partners how they use the laptops and iPads to learn in the classroom and engaged in thoughtful discussion about what it means to be a digital leader, how technology helps people in careers now and what makes a good digital teacher.

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